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I presented my collection of work for the first time during the F/W 2013 fashion week!!
It was a really great experience. I've been working together with a tight group of extremely
talented friends including graphic designers Chelsey Culmann and Morgan Winter,
designer Will Mcleod, Mark Hernandez, and his team at Cliqk Design who hosted the event
and last by not least (for sure!) my family -- you can see my Dads photos featured below!
Everything came together beautifully in the end, and despite the snow collecting outside
on this past Friday night, a lot of people were still able to come out and take a peek!
In the end, the process of putting it all together has been the best part. 
Thank you again to everyone who has given me support and kind words over the past
few months and throughout my life, I hope I did ya proud!!

All photos (unless credited to my Dad) by the lovely Justyna Fijalska of Justa Fi

Photo by Doug Henderson
Photo by Doug Henderson

 Photo by Doug Henderson
 Photo by Doug Henderson
Smiley before the start!
 Photo by Doug Henderson
Photo by Doug Henderson
Abigail Doan Pandeff and I