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i don't give a crop!

Kate Moss.

there's no question, these days it's all about the 90s. so you might as well welcome crop tops (specifically sweaters) with open arms, because they're not going anywhere for a while!

Proenza Schouler.

Proenza Schouler.

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Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony.

H&M Sweater.

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first sketches in many a moon

look one | Woven cape coat with waist tie, surface design consists of
irregular squares of wet-felted wool machine stitched/needle-felted to woven coat fabric.
Woven alpaca, machine embroidered pea coat & box skirt set worn underneath.
Chest piece made from shell/bone beads and linen yarn.
Hair piece, cotton crocheted flowers hand-tacked in place with hand-beading.
look two | Woven wool skirt-suit with the same process of surface design as above.
(smaller squares irregularly shaped arranged on woven base and tacked on with machine)
Jacket has hidden pockets. Tailored seam lines in both jacket & skirt.
Fair Isle cropped sweater worn beneath, black and white shetland wool.
Hand painted tights.
Macrame hair piece with hand-beading.
look three | Multi-color box patterned knit scarf with fringe at start and finish.
Cropped jersey sweater in shetland wool, with long, long sleeves.
Tube/tank dress with high slit off-centered,
irregular ribs, drop stitches and pin tucks, then wet felted, & woven nylon slip worn beneath.
Woven embroidered work belt with hidden zipper pockets. Hand-beaded hair/ear-ring clip.
look four | Oversized intarsia sweater with yoke detail, in black and white shetland wool.
Woven skirt has an inverted pleat at CF, & needle-felted pattern in black wool,
hand-embroidery design inside of pleat.
Hand-painted tights.


all in together now!

Connection, performance in downtown Chicago | Lindsey Obermeyer and daughter Emily |
| 1998 |
Red Thread Project | Lindsay Obermeyer | Grand Rapids | 2006 |
Lindsay checks the arrangement of hand-knit hats connected by lengths of red l-cord
before the start of a performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Volunteers donned the
hats and experienced their connection with others physically and visually while
performing choreographed movements together.
After the performance, the cords were removed and the hats were donated to charity.

Mommy | Lindsay Obermeyer | 2001 |
hand-knit mohair | 11" x 11" body with 84" sleeves

Blood line | Lindsay Obermeyer | 2006 |
hand-knit mohair with machine-knit rayon cord | 19" x 19" with 15" cord


space dye.

Right: from Sea of Shoes blog.

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lost journal

How Mother Dressed Me | Karen Searle | 2008 |
hand-knit copper wire

I saw this photo of these little wire-knit dresses & it immediately reminded me
of a photo I had tucked away somewhere in one of my journals a while back.
After a bit of searching, I found the journal with the photo inside.

This is an Amy Toensing photo featured in a Geographic years ago.
Along with this photo,
the hidden journal contained a whole lot of inspirational images:
(sources are not penciled in)

I always loved these pants... heheh

I used to draw these imaginary river systems all day in the summer 2 years ago.
Simple watercolor, some pencil, and layered textured paper.
I always thought they could turn into some cool embroidery or something.

Quite glad I found that journal!


a double rainbow!

Annie Larson, the 27-year-old Minneapolis based designer behind the line, ALL Knitwear, brings us the most insanely amazing knitwear collection chalked full of spritely colours, and geometric prints. i literally cannot get enough of this stuff! obsessed, foreals. check out her site here.