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act natural

Aldo Lanzini | crochet/installation artist | time spent split between NY and Milian

"A needle in my pocket is lighter than a hammer: I'm referring to philosophy, the muse behind
my work. And while Max Stirner anticipated Nietzsche's thinking and the destruction of
conventions that only philosophy can lead to, I approach philosophy with a needle.''

"Definitions are always quite liquid. I use my needle as if I were a sculptor.
I move instinctively and I dont think about the design of my work: I create straight away.
Needlework makes me think three-dimensionally: I start working on a little piece, than I
stand in front of the mirror and I imagine the next step. Sure I have a vision, but I often change
my mind when I'm midway. And what was supposed to be a dress turns out to be a jacket."

"I lived in New York for ten years and I worked as designer and costumer with

several artists from the underground scene, who often asked me to create some pieces

for them. They're all unique of course, the items I created during these years will never

be repeated. They enrich my collection, which takes its name from the lyrics

of a house song: "You can live or you can die there is no time to wonder why".

I like to think of such a serious warning in a disco!"

Lanzini attended the Spring/Summer 2011 Missoni runway show as a guest
of designer Angela Missoni on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010.
He arrived with a group of thirty individuals wearing masks from his series,
"The eyes are there where they see, the things are there where they are seen."

"I move following the energy that welcomes me. Again, the edges are liquid.
It's the condition of contemporary man, some kind of conscious schizophrenia."

The everyday life of felted creatures on Earth...


take me to your leader...

I've been thinking about making a wet felted pencil skirt
the past week or so.. this silhouette is very, very inspiring

Haider Ackermann | F/W 2011 | Paris


Ashish F/W 2010.

not really knitwear, but pretending to be...

not really knitwear, but pretending to be...

does it really matter that it's "old" when it's really freaking good? this is from London's Ashish's Fall 2010 collection. it's too good to be true. their most recent collection was BANGIN' but lacked a little in the knitwear respect... here are some highlights below!

Lena Buss

Lena Buss | Graduate of Central St. Martins, knitwear design
Photos and interview: The Streethearts
Artist's website

(and a quick thanks to Emily, for pointing this designer out to me!)