a conversation between two friends separated by one state, sharing the same passion for the art of knitwear.

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Missoni: FW/ 2011.


obsessed... hyperventilating... salivating...

totally digging the colour story... if My Little Pony pooped sherbet ice cream... SLASH Gay Matrix aka Gaytrix (i give my friend, Joy, credit for that one).


sunday evening story time

Eduard Blutig's Der Zeitirrthum
in a translation by Mrs Regera Dowdy
with the original pictures by O. Mude
(from Edward Gorey's Amphigorey Also)

Also, sorry about the bad cropping/photo quality! Borrow this from the library if you can
...or after I return it hehe


textile inspiration: 2.26.11.

"living in southeastern Ghana and the western border area of Togo, Ewe weavers are renowned for the high quality of their cotton, strip-woven wrappers. not confined by the court-regulated designs for Kente cloth of their eastern neighbors, the Asante, the Ewe men have traditionally been free to express their skill and creativity to please individual clients as well as a market which extends throughout West Africa." - Hamill Gallery.