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let me get your opinion

Hello everyone! I started this one a little over a week ago, before beginning my
latest freelance project. I was aiming to create one of the sweaters from my May sketches,
with the green roving knit in. The piece still has a ways to go, but I did want to see
if I could get an opinion on this sleeve before I continue.

Now, I didn't intend for it to be so dramatically huge.. but now that it lives,
I think I love it!

It's very warm, and with another sleeve added on, you can kind of muff it in
the front by tucking your hands into the opposite sleeve.

Bobbles line the center and the hem is garter stitch.

Ignore the loose ends!

So what do you think?! I'll probably begin the second sleeve tomorrow,
or decide to slim this one down a bit.. I just can't decide! help!

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