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another friday

I decided today would be a nice day to post some photos of these
two necklaces I made just about three years ago during the summer months.
They were created when I first took interest in using beading wire to twist
various beads together to form coral-looking bits. (I just started doing
this one day, I don't really know what first sparked the concept) For these two
necklaces, I took a whole bunch of the little coral bits, and using the same
beading wire, twisted them together to create necklaces in the shapes you see.
They're both finished with chain-stitch cords I made from hemp string.

Held together by the twisting & wrapping of the wire alone.

Where they are stored, to collect dust freely.

Also worth noting--- Dani and I will be in Austin, TX this weekend
for our lovely friend (and fellow knitter) Melanie's wedding!! So,
you should probably expect no posts, since we gots to party :)