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work in progress..

Here are a few photos documenting a bit of my process, as I work towards making
this little wet-felted top. I only have the front completed so far. Today I will work on
the shape/felting of the back panel, and attach both front and back at the shoulder
with needle felting. I wished to make something real native, again, thinkin'
about my photoshoot with Ali. So, I think I will leave this piece open at the
sideseam, with maybe a lace-up detail on each side... we will see!

Close up texture photo. You are able to see bits of matter left behind
in my wool roving. I left most of it in, and just needle felted clean roving
over top to decrease the visibility.

Clean cut edges, and needle felted touch ups. Also, I believe the beading is
about 3/4 of the way finished (after four days of work..). I'd like to add a bit
more of the turquoise/copper color combination.

one by one

Pyrite encrusted hemline. Other materials include wooden,
stone, and plastic beads.

Wooden carved skulls found at Beads World.

Water current-inspired swirls in these clear plastic beads/pyrite.

I'll put up photos of the completed piece once I get there!

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