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evelyn roth and her recycling book.

just stumbled onto some of Evelyn Roth's work and i'm swooning. she an icon in so many senses. she was doing the recycling thing before it became as mainstream as we know it today... and she was incredibly innovative about it -- thought-provoking! read the article below for more info on Evelyn, and be sure to watch the videos as well! this is truly inspiring stuff here, and something tells me Amanda's going to go hunting for this book so i will save you the trouble, check it out here! (i'm considering buying it, myself!). also check out her website here.

web moving sculpture.

Evelyn, herself.

crawling web.

crawling web.

roller derby (recycled videotape).

crocheting video tape.

basket of goodies (recycled videotape).

TV trap - symbolizing the all consuming nature of TV (see her speak more about this in her videos!).

car cozy- keeps it warm in winter, cool in summer.

prairie north.

sea mollusc.

feather knit.

sea urchin in the landscape.

wearable art ~ 1980's
buckskin wedding - knit natural tanned buckskin & bone.

family sweater.

family sweater.

Environment for Living Recycled from 110 Sweaters (1974) by Eveyln Roth.
Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver, August 2006

a walk through Evelyn's recycling book.


  1. WWOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! that environment for living! everything! so good!

  2. family sweater :) Niceee