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making up for lost time today

It's been a while!
I'd say the big news this week is that I have finally finished this felt top! I decided against
the sideseam lace-up a while back, and thought maybe instead I'd do two rectangular
panels that would snap in and out at the sides. Then, I felted the shoulders together
Sunday night and gave it a try on... and here you have it! I fell in love with the way it rests
with no side closure. Something to layer over other things, I'm pretty proud of this one!

Also in the works:
1. Updating my website with sample-work photos, new sketches & experimentation
in accessories. And after a successful photo shoot session yesterday, with much
help from Frank Podesta (who snapped the photos) I've definitely gathered some great
material for the cause. A few of these will be up hopefully today some time.

Hudson Valley lace shetland yarn and tonal wool roving knit-ins

Bartlett tubular yarn/Hudson Valley shetland combination in the button-back
cardigan. I found these amazing stone barrel-type beads to serve as buttons!

Close up of that needle felted elbow patch

Red acrylic blended poncho worn with Icelandic loopi/shetland lace blended
motorcycle jacket

2. Etsy shop is also on the way! I know I've been saying this, but I have set up my account to
sell goods and my paypal as well... so its happening y'all!! That being said, I suppose this
here post also serves as a sneak peak preview sort of thing, since most of these items
will be for sale! I may hold off on the sweaters for a bit, they mean so much to me,
but I will eventually share them too!

A few nice shots of the barnacle scarf :)

Three different chokers
mixed materials

One choker, one triple strand necklace

Three necklaces

3. I sort of ruined my portfolio last week while being overzealous with a
Chartpak marker... so, I'm making a better one. Figured I'd try to do the layouts
digitally this time around... We'll see how that goes. I'm working on edits to
my new sketches now, so look forward to that post tomorrow!

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