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I've been collaborating with Morgan Winter the past week or so on
the design for my logo. Inspiration was a mix of hieroglyphic text and the work of
Michal Rovner-- with a play on a human figure, oversized knitting needles and my
initials. The preliminaries turned out brilliant! It was so hard to choose... but after
some thought we decided on #13.

Next, Morgan got to work, carving a stamp with the logo silhouette out from a baby
potato. I was so intrigued by the sound of this process when she first told me,
and, after only one day passed, I was sent all of these really great photos
of the new stamps and what they can do!

logo #7-- I liked this one too, it reminded me of a loom

so cool!!!

Next idea was applying a rock texture or printing on rock
like Michal does. It not only goes along with the coloration, texture and
inspiration to my work, but also brings it into the world, grounds it.

Printed on some pet rocks from my collection. This one above is my favorite favorite,
I can't even believe it exists

Hopping a bus to PA with the gang for a 4th of July bash at
Morgan's place this Sunday! Can't wait to thank her in person with a great bear hug
and relax a bit on the grass. Maybe even see some stars for a change ;)