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Rifle & Radford

Everyone needs a little R&R once in a while, yes?

Rifle & Radford is an incredible new low-key label that finally came to life at the start of
this summer. In only a few months, the talented designer from Austin, Texas, built
a proper website, a blog with updates on new pieces and inspiration everyday, and an
Etsy shop glimmering with beautiful jewels to compliment each and every mood you're in.

Melanie Radford thinks deeply about the work she puts forward.
Often speaking of the many tones of colored jewels she hand selects. How these jewels react
to light when worn outside, and ultimately reflect upon the skin of the wearer. How they
enhance the surroundings they are put into, connecting to the wearer in a sort of color
spirituality. The work includes a mix of materials, including various metals reminiciant of
Mediterranean iron-work and semi-precious stones to give a primal earthy sense, or those that hold the wonder of sea.

Turquoise Adventurine Sterling Silver

Green Citrine and Chalcedony 14K Gold Fill

Canary Citrine and Saffron Dyed Wood

Turquoise Quartz Teardrop 14K Gold Fill Dangle Earrings

Two Stone Teal Quartz Teardrop Dangle Gold Metal Earrings

Smokey Quartz Briolette Gold Chandelier Earrings

"These smokey quartz chandeliers have such depth, with hues of grays, chocolate
browns, yellows and even hints of burnt oranges when the sun hits them, as well as
reflect colors from their surroundings."

Honeydew & Spring 14K Gold Fill Teardrop Quartz Chandelier Earrings

"When radiating in the sun, these beauties reflect tones of mint green to
kelly green. The top stone reflects celadon, moss and tea greens, while the
bottom stones play with the emerald mint tones."

Three Stone Lime Quartz 14K Gold Fill Hoop Earrings

Turquoise Sterling Silver Teardrop Quartz Chandelier Earrings

Honey Teardrop Quartz 14K Gold Fill Chandelier Earrings

Honeydew Quartz Briolette Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Turquoise Quartz Briolette Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Rose Quartz 14K Gold Fill Chandelier Earrings

"These beauties reflect tones from pale pink to salmon, to rose and even lilacs.
They look like sweet cherry blossom petals!"

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