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quilt masterpieces

Converging Values | Ramona Chinn | pieced cotton, 29x29.5" | 1986. Anchorage, Alaska.

Dayglow | Judith Lazelere | pieced cotton, 78x72" | 1986. Dedham, Massachusetts.

Ray of Light | Jinny Beyer | pieced cotton, 92x83" | 1982. Great Falls, Virginia

Broken Dishes | pieced cotton, 81.5x69" | c. 1930. Midwest

Pyramid Tumbling Blocks | pieced cotton, 108x94" | c. 1935. Ohio

Masonic Ribbon | pieced and embroidered silk and velvet, 66.5x56.5" | c. 1890. Kentucky

Graveyard | Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell | pieced, appliqued, and embroidered cotton,
85x81 | 1839. Lewis County, Kentucky

Stair Steps or Illusion | Ann Johnson | pieced and embroidered silk, taffeta, and crepe,
70x81.5" | c. 1890. Taylor County, Kentucky

Central Medallion Constitution | appliqued, embroidered, and pieced cotton, 73x66" |
c. 1860-1880. Place of origin unknown.

Bible | appliqued and embroidered velvet and woo, 76x71" | c. 1860-1890.
Place of origin unknown.

Crazy Quilt | Florence Elizabeth Marvin | pieced, appliqued, and embroidered silk and velvet,
80x76" | 1886. Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Kaleidoscope | pieced and appliqued cotton, 85x85" | c. 1910. New Jersey.

Rainbow Monogram and Initial | Ida W. Beck | appliqued and embroidered cotton,
94x90" | 1952-1954. Easton, Pennsylvania.

Crib Quilt Top | pieced and appliqued cotton, 38x38" | c. 1885. New York.

Black Family Album | Sarah Ann Wilson | appliqued, embroidered, and pieced cotton,
85x100" | 1854. New York or New Jersey.

Pieced and Appliqued Quilt | Martha Hewitt | pieced and appliqued cotton, 80x72" |
1855. Michigan

Alphabets | Yvonne M. Khin | pieced, appliqued, and embroidered cotton, 58x52" |
1984. Bethesda, Maryland.

Centennial | G. Knappenberger (what a last name) | pieced and appliqued cotton,
71.5x83.5" | 1876. Pennsylvania.

Pieced Star with Sawtooth Border | pieced cotton, 85x88" | c. 1890. Pennsylvania.

I really can't even write anything about these... I'm not worthy...
Photos from the book, Quilt Masterpieces by Susanna Pfeffer


  1. Amazing. Esp Pyramid Tumbling Blocks.

  2. wow! amamzing. i wat to start my own quilt and pass it down through my family :)