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Past few weeks I've been mind-travelin' back and forth between great
concentration and zero focus/playing with the turtle all day. This sketch is
one of the best I've done lately, and is part of a project I've put together for
a high-fashion job interview. I drew my inspiration from the archives of this
blog, with mostly Moroccan and Russian influences.

The collection in it's entirety features contrast in pattern, as you see.
I've contrasted hand-knit fair isle float jacquard patterns with smaller scale
machine-knit striped jacquard prints (in the skirt). Also, some solid, bright
pops of color shown in quilt-inspired stitches and rows of four stitch cables.
Lastly, I hand-made various felt plaid fabrics, which I usually show as a pencil
skirt or pant, worn with plaid knit cardigans draped over the babe's shoulders.
All tied together (quite literally) with folk-embroidered corset type
belts made from leather.

I'll post more up in a bit!


  1. I love your illustration style! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see more. Good luck!