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thoughts empyrean

What a great weekend!
Very interesting things are now on the horizon.. and I'm beginning to feel a bit better
about my work ethic too. Though I'll admit I have been somewhat absent up until this point
creatively, I have been able to bounce around a bit socially. Now, after seeing my very
beautiful earth-people Emily Theobald and Ali Scarpulla Saturday night, I feel I'm back
in touch with my insides, and getting down with productivity.

The three of us finally solidified plans to work together at some time
in Mid-March. I've thought of this for a long time, now, the moment seems right.
So, over the next few weeks I'm going to create a few pieces that hold a deep meaning to me,
based upon this idea of wet felted neck-wear accessories, maybe even a top, we'll see
how far it goes...

I began by creating a shape with wool roving, then completing one process of
wet felting. After the fabric dried, I needle felted in the blue and gray shades,
other shades of white as well, and then did the hand beading around the hem.
I machine stitched in darts, to give the collar some curve to the neck, then
trimmed the inside and needle felted the seams towards the CF closure (snap).
Afterwards, I laid down another layer of felt, to give a clouded effect, and
completed the second process of wet felting.

Pieces like this will also be sold on my Esty site once I get that up and going.
Hopefully towards the end of March.. so keep a sharp eye out if your into it!

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  1. wow amanda, i dont know how you have the patience for all that hand beading! it looks great!