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lost journal

How Mother Dressed Me | Karen Searle | 2008 |
hand-knit copper wire

I saw this photo of these little wire-knit dresses & it immediately reminded me
of a photo I had tucked away somewhere in one of my journals a while back.
After a bit of searching, I found the journal with the photo inside.

This is an Amy Toensing photo featured in a Geographic years ago.
Along with this photo,
the hidden journal contained a whole lot of inspirational images:
(sources are not penciled in)

I always loved these pants... heheh

I used to draw these imaginary river systems all day in the summer 2 years ago.
Simple watercolor, some pencil, and layered textured paper.
I always thought they could turn into some cool embroidery or something.

Quite glad I found that journal!


  1. i want those pants!!! i've been thinking of making ghoulish swamp-dwelling, barnacle eating creature my look for 2011.

    and those rivers are beautiful.

  2. I love the pants.

  3. Dani, I'm so into that idea... you prob already knew that ahah