a conversation between two friends separated by one state, sharing the same passion for the art of knitwear.

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all in together now!

Connection, performance in downtown Chicago | Lindsey Obermeyer and daughter Emily |
| 1998 |
Red Thread Project | Lindsay Obermeyer | Grand Rapids | 2006 |
Lindsay checks the arrangement of hand-knit hats connected by lengths of red l-cord
before the start of a performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Volunteers donned the
hats and experienced their connection with others physically and visually while
performing choreographed movements together.
After the performance, the cords were removed and the hats were donated to charity.

Mommy | Lindsay Obermeyer | 2001 |
hand-knit mohair | 11" x 11" body with 84" sleeves

Blood line | Lindsay Obermeyer | 2006 |
hand-knit mohair with machine-knit rayon cord | 19" x 19" with 15" cord