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Mark Newport wears My Batman,
one of his hand-knit superhero costumes.

An exhibition of Mark's hand-knit superhero suits includes (left to right):
Batman 2, Iron Man, Sweaterman, Every Any No Man, Bobble Man,
Aquaman, and Rawhide Kid.

Batman | 2003 | hand-knit costume, worsted-weight yarn
Bobble Man | 2006 | hand-knit costume, worsted-weight yarn
Rawhide Kid | 2004 | hand-knit costume, worsted weight yarn

Knitting a Force Field 2 | 2005 | digital print
Mark portrays himself as Sweaterman, one of his knitting superheros.
According to Mark, these heros protect their charges by generating an invisible
force field with their knitting. He is presently writing and illustrating
The Adventures of Sweaterman,
a comic book about this cast of knitting characters.

SSSK | 2005 | digital print

Batmen | 2005 | digital print

SSKOW | 2005 | digital print

"Mark Newport uses textile processes such as embroidery and knitting to
examine traditional male and female roles. His knitted superhero suits embody the
hypermasculine stereotype of the comic book superhero-- sort of. Hanging limply on
a gallery wall, the knitted suits may invite one viewer to try on this role, but they also
suggest the suit's futility, since the knitting would cover the "hero" with a softness that
contradicts the macho image. The heroic image is further compromised by the fact that
the scratchy suits button up the back, like a pair of old-fashioned children's PJs."

I say, Mark should consider knitting something up for the villain...


  1. Hahahah, I love this post.
    Fashin Nerd

  2. maybe youuu should consider knittin for the villain