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the colour blocked mohair sweater. a Punk staple since the Sex Pistols era Vivienne Westwood reinvented this Brit classic, this time loosely knit, bolder, asymmetrical and color blocked.

"Vivienne struck an odd combination of the dominatrix and pantomime principle boy in leather jodhpurs, or tiny leather miniskirt with appliqued motorcycle badges, a thick American leather jacket, fluffy mohair sweater and little pointy booties. With her spiky, white-peroxided hair and pale skin providing a neutral background for her luscious purple lips, she was simply stunning" (Nils Stevenson, Vacant: A Diart of the Punk Years, 1976-79).

the above photos were found at Nostalgia of Madness. i wish there were more about this guy and his blog but i guess we'll just have to feed off of these AMAZING sweaters he's posted. i believe he makes them but i'm not certain (his English is a tad broken).


  1. Oh, wow! I don't particularly like the Sex Pistols music that much, which is odd because I like a lot of other older style punk bands. However, I love the style. These sweaters are awesome! What inspiration!

  2. I love the stripes. http://joannafashionnerd.blogspot.com/

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