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"NASA's Dawn spacecraft obtained this image of the giant asteriod Vesta
with its framing camera on July 24, 2011. It was taken from a distance
of about 3,200 miles. Dawn entered orbit around Vesta on July 15, and will
spend a year orbiting the body. After that, the next stop on its itinerary
will be an encounter with the dwarf planet Ceres."

June 20, 2011 -- distance of about 117,000 miles away

June 24, 2011-- distance of about 95,000 miles away

July 1, 2011-- distance of about 62,000 away

July 9, 2011 -- views of the south polar region

July 17, 2011 -- distance of about 9,500 miles away

July 18, 2011 -- distance of about 6,500 miles away

July 23, 2011 -- distance of about 3,2oo miles away

set of 3 craters in the northern hemisphere

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