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sunday's story time


Known by a lot of different titles, NYC based Grimm first got real recognition
as a battle rapper in the early 90's. Grimm placed in the World Supremecy Battle
in 1993 and preformed that year as Jack the Rapper with the likes of Tupac, Lady
of Rage and Dogg Pound in Atlanta. Grimm survived a murder attempt in 1994
when he was shot 7 times by rival dealers. This, taking place after an earlier murder
attempt in 86' for the same reasoning, being shot 3 times. As a result of the 94' attack,
Grimm was left deafened, blinded, paralyzed from the waist down, and comatose; he was
pronounced dead at the scene. Doctors predicted he would suffer nulled senses
and be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Grimm recovered full vision, hearing, speech ability, but still uses a wheelchair.
Post-hospitalization, he went on to record several 12" singles, collaborations
with MF DOOM, and created the Monsta Island Czars. Then, in 2000, Grimm
was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for narcotics and conspiracy charges.
He paid a one-day bail of $100,000 and recorded The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera
in those twenty-four hours.

The album is mainly a lot of questions he had about his life.
Grimm studied law while in the pen and appealed his case, filing counter-suits,
with the ultimate effect of his sentence commuted to three years, and was
released in 2003.

Grimm's life story was retold in a comic book autobiography,
Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm, which was released by DC Comics' Vertigo
imprint in Sept. 2007. In 2008, returning to the name he was given, Percy Carey,
he was nominated for two Eisner Awards for Sentences, Best Reality Based Work and Best
Lettering. He was also nominated for, and won, two Glyph Awards for Best Cover and
Story of the Year.

Moral of the story is always to live on a quest towards freedom, whatever
that may mean to you. Self-realization and self-power, & to allow that voice
within to overpower the voices of others heard around you day to day. Deep within,
you know what's best for your being.

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