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the world turns

Now that the temp. has been cooling down a bit lately,
and time has almost come for the Fall season to swing around again,
of course, I've been day dreaming about this Comme Des Garcons collection from
2009. -- One of my favorites, & since I've seen it, I feel subconsciously I gather pieces
that fit into this "look" each year. & now I feel I'm close to ready to
layer to this magnitude... still can't wait to hit the thrift stores for new Fall
pieces though :)

& there we have it. Btw, you may have noticed the blog is taking a bit of a
vacation from the usual back & forth knit-focused stuff between Dani & I.
Busy is the time now-a-days, but I'm sure we'll get back into it when the
new season dawns. Anyhow, the direction has turned into my thoughts & things
that inspire me daily, & in my head relate always back to knitwear & craft.
So, hope ya don't mind too much ;)

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