a conversation between two friends separated by one state, sharing the same passion for the art of knitwear.

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gave this wet-felted collar new life.
added blanket-stitch edging around the neckline in light blue thread,
re-needle felted the whole piece over a bunch of times to fill weak spots and
add a bit of thickness to it. Also felted in a spell of silk-wool given to me by
my friend Natalya last time I had a few folks over for dinner. The whole chunk
of this hair looks like a lock from a unicorns mane, its really, really brilliant
in light and ultra soft. finally added that snap at the center too!

these winds are bringing me some positive energy...
real productive few days hanging round the house with the threat
of a hurricane moving through NYC. lots of excitement, but things by
me never got too serious. a whole lot of beautiful winds and mists though
inspiring work inside.

--more things to come!

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