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a bit of the process: the sweater coat

... creating my needles from wooden dowels
the finished product.
here's the first series of triangles.

photographed over my rough graph.
... this was the only graph I created throughout the process, the rest of the
pieces were knit entirely free-form based upon my swatches and general measurements.
So, this is how it went. I began with a 2x2 hem on these 3 foot needles. On my graph,
I figured each series would have 6 red triangles and 6 blue. Then, I set up groups of
red plastic cups, 6 in each group, which I taped to the ground. In each cup I dropped
three marbles and a small ball of yarn in the correct colors, this way the balls would spin
freely as I picked up a color. I worked over my couch, and was unable to turn my work
since I had 12 ends of yarn running from the floor to different areas of the knit. So, on
one course I would stand, and one course I could sit down and knit across.

garment before the sleeves were knit and attached.
all one piece!

the finished product can be seen below...


  1. Thanks for that blog, I did not understand a thing but it helps to even more appreciate the art of this fashion.

  2. Thank you!! Yes, I wanted to add these photos so you could see more of the details in pattern. To me, it felt like a very primal way to create the fabric