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actually i wanted something different.

Isabelle Kreig was born in 1971 in Fribourg, Switzerland and is now based out of Berlin and Zurich. her art is sensitive and engaging; her astute manor in which she touches on everyday anecdotes develops an emotional bond with the viewer.

Unfinished, 03-06. Kreig touches on our everyday consumption of media images and their subsequent disposal with these coffee stained mugs which are actually extremely intricate portraits found straight out of the daily newspaper.

here, a table of salt and pepper shakers, are actually more than they appear. in fact, the S's and P's have actually been altered in order to spell out the phrase "eigentlich wollte ich etwas anderes" (actually I wanted something different), which is then illuminated below. relatable... this one is one of my favourites.

"Discover the World" 01-03. in this piece, Kreig has extremely precisely and intricately engraved, traced, and etched the entire map of the world into various locations: a decrepit floor, a slashed poster on the wall, a windowsill etc. her thoughtful integration of the contours of the map into various public spaces and on objects seen in daily life invites contemplation and reflection on one's life in it's relationship with the world... a peripheral perspective.

"I Refuse to be Depressed or Frustrated" 07.

"Shelters" 06/08.

"actually i wanted something different"... this one's going to resonate. just in seeing real, emotionally charged contemporary art and reading about it reminds me that where i am right now is not where i plan to stay. i need my practice to have heart and soul... depth and spirit, and a story. i think that clothing can be such an incredible medium for this since the garment works with the wearer and both together can create such an impact. just a tangent... i could go off on this for ages.

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  1. A very interesting blog, will require a bit of study and reflection. For me understanding the setting and history or point of view of the artist in contemporary art is what can make it fail or succeed to the casual viewer.
    In a special designed garment you have the creation but with a walking history perspective with the wearing partner in the creation.