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keep it movin'

OK-- quick update.
I have been working with the label Organic by John Patrick ( organicbyjohnpatrick.com ) in a brilliant collaboration effort for Fall/Winter 2011. This has gone on for just about two months now, and TODAY I will finish knitting my last style. Unfortunately, that is all I can really say. The presentation for Fashion Week is on Wednesday, so look out! I'll be posting photos for sure!

Now, this video right here is one that never fails to pick me up when I'm feeling down, or just plain lazy. --real cool individuals with monster talent, doing what it is they fell in love with, in a dingy, smokey atmosphere. I'm sayin', what's better than that?

side note--
If I ever saw one of these new bands in BK rockin' like this, maybe I'd start listening to new music again... or at least that one.


  1. i guess my dad saw this on our blog because he just posted it on FB with this comment, "The one ... the only ... Jimmy Page ... I remember well. A dark basement after midnight with friends so loud the walls vibrated and your brain narrowed like transcendental meditation ... gosh ... how did is get here?"

  2. ahahahah I'm real sorry I missed out on all that... damn

  3. this video sorta gives you an idea of how LOUD it was too, as soon as he starts really picking up the audio gets a bit muffled, you know?