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and Friday...

Eh, sorry,
no knits today. Rather, a gut feeling, and you know I'm into those enchanted, spell casting women.
This post shows off a combination of selected pieces from Marchesa's fantasy Fall/Winter 2011 collection,
as well as, the photography of Edward Steichen (one of my favorites).

In actuality, Marchesa's designers, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman,
find inspiration in the character Miss Havisham of Great Expectations.

"Designers interpreted the decadent spinster's sartorial sense (or plight, depending
on how you look at it) with tattered, fraying hems and shredded satin and tulle
bodices. Any of the signature Marchesa beading or crystal adornment was matted
up with powder so as to appear dusty and aged."-- Vogue.com
Happy Friday Earth-people.

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  1. Woah those dresses have a story behond them that is yet to get out.I love them!!!!