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key notes

12-gore lace skirt-- How incredibly romantic is this?
(I slipped into this skirt during our first fitting and it absolutely is
the most beautifully-fitting piece I've ever had the pleasure of wearing.)
Wool plaid suit tucked into leather J. Hunter boots.
(Our show's sponsor)
One of my pieces--
A little jersey tank/vest knit in the round. Garter stitch at the start, both front and back
eventually shape into the thin straps. Wool roving knit-in as I worked to create texture.
Materials-- lace shetland wool/wool roving from the Hudson Valley.
This chiffon fabric, seen once more in the collection, was dyed naturally with henna and nuts.
My piece-- Cropped turtle neck sweater knit in the round. The stitches shift throughout
the body from a twisted 1x1 start into uneven jersey/purl stripes, garter stitch,
bobble/knotted stitches and 2x2 in sleeves/turtle neck. I knit roving into the
piece as I worked and also needle-felted the finished sweater.
Materials-- Icelandic loopi/shetland wool roving from the Hudson Valley.
Admiral's coat-- Quilted faux fur, made with wool fabric from Draper Mill in
Massachusetts, a textile mill founded in the nineteenth century.
not fussy.
This wool cape coat was dyed with onion skins.
Worn over a leather tunic top and baggy-fit pant.
My piece-- Fisherman's cable knit sweater.
This piece was also knit seamless in-the-round. Twisted 1x1 hem on body and sleeves.
Material-- Shetland wool from the Hudson Valley.
Worn over layered slip dresses.

Like a dream, seriously... a vivid, emotionally-charged dream of the best sort.
Leather gaucho short worn with Organic knit top and these rocker Hunter boots.

The Look--
Long trench coat worn with a paisley button down top and old-timey boxer shorts.
Return of the matching sets, perfect timing.
My lovely grandma, who was able to attend the presentation, turned to me and said this
is exactly what she would wear to work everyday in the 50's. Stunning, yeh?
Velvet shorts worn with tunic top and thermal sweater.
The high socks worn throughout the collection are quite brilliant as well, really,
thanks to the styling of Lauren Goodman.
My favorite look--
Sleeveless button down cotton top worn half-tucked into these little lace shorts. And of course,
this amazing burgundy blazer, worn belted round the waist with an African Masai beaded belt.
My piece-- another one of those little knit tanks. Hud. Valley lace shetland.

Draper Mill wool fabric translated into an oversized hooded jacket.
Tough girl leather shorts.
My final piece-- Which was the first piece I knit up, also my first stab at proper intarsia.
Navajo intarsia patterned sweater coat, knit all-in-one piece on 3 foot needles.
Three series of pattern, and no triangle is exactly the same. I aimed to create a shape
more like a mountain peak, rather than a harsh geometrical/angular shape.
2x2 neck trim linked on, also 2x2 at hem of body. The construction of the set-in
sleeves are mostly jersey, with 3 stripes of purl on each, then transferring into rib finish.
Interior/exterior needle felting upon finishing the piece.
Worn with my personal favorite slip dress, with black lace trims.

Pretty incredible, I really have to say.
I am so grateful and thankful for every moment of this experience.

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