a conversation between two friends separated by one state, sharing the same passion for the art of knitwear.

knitorious is an archive for knitwear designers, knitwear students, knitwear lovers and even the knitwear curious.


inspiration to achieve greatness y'all...

Consumed by thoughts of when this world was young...
Immense earth-beings, with a diligent, patient understanding of, and appreciation in, the mystery of earth-things.
... hand-to-earth creation on scales beyond present comprehension.
The explorers who founded America... & I'm not talking 'bout Columbus.
Winter -- Apsaroke
As it was...
Atsina warriors
Andres Canon
Zuni girls at the river
A Hopi girl
A corner of Zuni
Antelopes and Snakes at Oraibi
A load of fuel -- Zuni

Between the years 1907 and 1930, Edward Sheriff Curtis produced one
of the most important surveys of Native Americans ever undertaken,
The North American Indian,
a collection in twenty volumes that comprehensively examined these people.

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