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she's comin' for ya...

Meadham Kirchhoff | Fall/Winter 2011 | vogue.com

"It was about the subversive upturning of bourgeois things," says Ed Meadham.
"We're coming from subculture, and it was about uniforms in many ways, and religion,
which I hate." Essentially he and Kirchhoff are principled romantics who wish young women
would be as feisty, feminist, and self-determining as the early nineties riot grrrls.
The embroideries on white cotton-pleated shirtdresses, turn out to involve "lipsticks, pictures
of little girls fighting, and ducks" taken from Bikini Kill, a riot grrrl zine put out by the
founding members of the band with the same name. "And we want to support hand-craft,"
Meadham added. "We have all these skills, but people don't use them. So we had guernseys
and stockings hand-knitted in Scotland. We had blankets woven specially for us. The chains
and crosses were woven in straw by people who made corn dollies."
--excerpt from vogue.com

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  1. I like Teen Vogue! This is such a cool excerpt because it seems that knits and desigers can be friends. So cool. Also, a really amazing collection.