a conversation between two friends separated by one state, sharing the same passion for the art of knitwear.

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artist in focus: Morgan Winter

Pen and ink.
That's all Morgan Winter needs to fill the pages of her vast notebook collection with wildly intricate,
contrast pattern. Her work holds those qualities I deeply appreciate, and often try to reflect in mine
as well: A quality in line, and stark contrast between space and opaque form. An understanding of
naturally occurring orderly/abstract pattern, and almost a subconscious ability to translate this into a
graphic image, or an image that is the artist's own. Also, a great sense of humor, and life-long interest
in ancient tribal art... or really,the history of human existence and things we have done over time.

Currently, Morgan is finishing up her last semester in F.I.T's graphic design program.
She does have a background in fashion design, attending the High school of Fashion Industries in
NYC, also, spending her first two years at F.I.T in the fashion design program (where we met first
semester). After one interlude-semester in communication design, she is now a graphic artist.
I believe given this history, it is easy to understand why her sketches translate into textiles
quite effortlessly.

As far as knits go, I'm set on graphing out one of these sketches this week and knitting it up
float-jacquard style... we will see how this goes later on...
Anyhow, enjoy!

Morgan spent this past semester studying in London, where she began her tumblr,
American Accent. Pay the site a visit to view updated work, or dig deeper into
what inspires her daily.

Also, morganwinter.com contains a great variety of her work.


  1. incredible!! and oh-so aplicable to knitwear. can you just imagine a sweater dress in one of these patterns??v or the border of a sweater in the pattern on that brick wall!